#20 -FINALFront page COMPLgray bck 960x439single gear 32x32OSHA Safety…It’s a vast territory. The cost is high if OSHA regulations are not followed. Morgan Safety has supported diverse industries in OSHA Safety for over 30 years. We provide a unique blend of integrative Safety Services that benefit your operation as a whole. The areas of expertise we offer help to minimize hazards and prevent injuries, reduce facility operating costs, and maximize the value of dollars spent in keeping employees safe and accident free. Morgan Safety is dedicated to helping our valued customers build a Culture of Excellence, beginning with Safety.


single gear 32x32Morgan Safety Training is highly interactive. We believe learning is enhanced when people are able to connect with their subject. To facilitate a visual understanding of regulatory compliance and what it takes to keep the workplace safe and healthy, we incorporate real-life stories and examples into the learning process with interactive discussion. Our training builds Safety skills that protect employees, and the know-how to avoid the high costs of noncompliance. 

Morgan Engineered Solutions focuses on equipment and the operational aspects of your Facility for sustainability. We will collaborate with you to understand your unique Engineering needs and incorporate Safety design principles into your specific requirements. Taking an Engineering approach to Safety will enable peak operating efficiencies, while reducing injuries and preventing fatalities.

single gear 32x32As your Consulting partner in Safety, we give you a heads up in knowing you are compliant with even the most current regulations, and we assess your degree of Safety.  A Compliance Audit will tell you what your organization needs to do differently to be compliant and safe, and how to best implement those changes. Contract Safety Services are also available if your onsite Safety Resources are limited. When your Safety Performance needs a lift, we can help you. Contact Us Here.

single gear 32x32‘Getting Safety Right’ is our territory. Whether you are in need of Training, Safety Engineering Services, Safety Consulting, or OSHA Targeted Site Support, we integrate the fundamental requirements of Leadership, Teamwork, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Accountability into your Safety solutions.